Don't know a ConnectBooks Reseller?

We have identified the Connectbooks Resellers in the dropdown below. Select the province where you are located and you can get in touch with an Authorized Reseller and save $3.00 each month in Subscriber Fees (Note: You can subscribe using any Reseller and still receive the same discount):

ConnectBooks Reseller Program

★★★ It's FREE to Join! ★★★

The Reseller Program is an exciting opportunity that provides:

  1. 21st Century Cloud Technology
  2. A Supplement to Your Income with Referral Fees
  3. A value-added tool to compete more effectively against QuickBooks’ mobile app, which does not support inventory, suppliers, employees, or other special features of ConnectBooks
  4. A good reason to re-contact your client base to discuss a new mobile app that provides anytime access to accounting data
  5. Another method to earn revenue for your company

Who can join? You can join if your company has an active website that is actively involved with the Sage 50-Canadian Edition software. See the FAQs in our brochure for more information.

Reseller Program Video

This video describes the Reseller Program for the ConnectBooks for Sage 50-Canadian Edition mobile app.

You can view the video within YouTube or directly on this website page. Choose your preference below:

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How to Apply: